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Native Station is a lively, community focused live music and events located in the Heritage District of historic downtown Royse City, TX.

We use the best ingredients and provide a great atmosphere.

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The Native Station Story 

Early one Sunday morning in the summer of 2018, Gary Sanders drove to the donut shop in downtown Royse City to purchase donuts for his grandchildren on his way to their house.  After Gary bought the donuts, he walked out of the store and looked across the street at the empty building on the corner of Main and Elm.  The old, empty convenience store had a ‘for sale’ sign on it.  As Gary was holding the box of donuts, he began thinking to himself ‘What can I do with that location that will benefit the citizens of Royse City.  A location where families and friends can gather for great food, beverages, and entertainment.  A location that is a social gathering spot for Royse City?’ 

Over the next few days, Gary began thinking about the old music venues and how those locations bring together families and friends to share great food, great beer, and great music.  He then started to work on the plans to buy the property and develop the concept of a music venue in Royse City.  Gary reviewed the concept with his family and thus began the development of Native Station. Native Station is a family-owned venue where the family lives in Royse City who are proud to call Royse City their home. 


Native Station Vision 

A place for friends and family to come together and enjoy the small town vibe with a big town atmosphere. 


Mission Statement 

Ensure every guests has a great experience at Native Station and considers it their local hangout.